Ronni Jolles - Painting with Paper
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Ronni Jolles - About the Artist

“I have four paintings by Ronni Jolles in my home, and three more in my office. Every work is cleverly “painted” and beautiful to look at, but each in a different way. The Jolles paintings don’t just hang on the wall – they beckon me to stop and feel something beautiful.”

-Dr. Richard V. Grazi, MD
Brooklyn, New York

Watch this video to see Ronni's unique creative process.
Controls will appear when you float over the bottom of the frame.

Ronni Jolles, an artist known for innovation, has introduced a new art form.   Paper – in its many colors and textures – is the essence of Jolles’s work.  The technique could be called collage or mixed media, but in fact, it is something quite different .  In a language distinct from painting, Jolles uses paper as a painter creates with paint.  The many different papers have been gathered from all over the world including such places as Nepal, Japan, Egypt, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, India, and Tibet.

Born in Rochester, New York, Jolles graduated from Cornell University and has received artistic training from the Corcoran School of Art, The Almalfi Music & Arts Program, the Art League School, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

When discovering this new art form, Jolles had no idea that the medium of paper would, or could, lead to such a revolutionary art form.  Through experimentation and finely honed technical skills, Jolles has broken from convention with the creation of the both sculptural and highly textured artwork.

Jolles finds inspiration in the cyclical journey of trees, a clothesline hanging outside of a window, a children’s dance class, or a serene reflection in the water.  Individually, each work is a unique masterpiece.  As an exhibit, both awe inspiring and revolutionary.

Artist Statement

Painting with Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Texture and Color

"Painting with paper" is the best way to express what I do. Paper in its multitude of colors and textures is the essence of my work, and subjects come into focus as the paper leads me through the creation of each piece. It is the medium itself that causes my work to constantly evolve and continually surprise me. Whether it's the cyclical journey of trees or the simple beauty of a clothesline hanging outside a window, using paper delivers a painterly quality with textures that can't be achieved through paint.

The dimensional quality of each piece emerges as I work through a process that has been both expanded and refined over time. First, paper from all over the world is cut, torn, and layered to create uniquely textured scenes. Acrylic paints and sealants are then used on top of the papers to add more variation in color, to bring out textures, and to protect the paper.

As a child of an artist, I grew up with colors, textures, and techniques of others, but in searching and developing my own unique style, I found the best of all worlds in paper. Here was a sculptural medium to satisfy my tactile nature, offering limitless possibilities for color and a story of its own to add depth to the meaning of each piece. When I discovered paper as my medium, a whole new textural world opened up.

It is important to me that viewers not only see and feel the intensity and vitality of my pieces; I want them to also know the story of the paper I work with. This is why each original work comes with samples of the paper used in that particular piece and information about the source of those papers.

Because of its dimensional richness, I urge you to visit one of the galleries or upcoming shows listed on my website to view my work in person. Commissions are welcome.

© 2006 - Ronni Jolles.