Big Solo Shows coming soon!

For the month of April (April 3 – April 24,) I will be having a solo show in a gallery space at Artists and Makers in Rockville, Maryland!  I dug out a lot of old photographs of trees I have, and I’m using them as my references.  I’ll have a lot of my Birch/Aspen trees, as well as other trees views.  This show is “A Celebration of Trees” and it will be all my tree pieces in layered paper!  I could have called it “Through the Seasons” because I’ll have trees in winter, summer, autumn, and spring.   I love making my trees pieces.  It’s very centering and therapeutic.  A portion of the proceeds from any sales will go to “OneTreePlanted,” an organization that plants a tree for every dollar donated.  With the continuing deforestation going only globally, it feels like planting trees is the way to counter that.

My next show will be in June 11-July 6 at Herndon Artspace in Herndon, Virginia. It will be a very big show – up to 40 new originals – so I have my work cut out for me.  I work well under pressure, so this is a good way for me to produce. I find my creative juices are really flowing when I have shows coming up. All information about these shows is on my “Exhibits” page on this website.   I hope you can come visit one of these shows!