New ideas and new collaborations

I continue to show my work in solo exhibitions along the east coast.   I have also begun to create some new work in boxes – I had several on view during the Great Falls Studios Tour, and the response was very positive!  I have a number of wood boxes – with glass tops – and I am using my paper to create little worlds within each box.  Once I finish about 10, I’ll have pictures to post.

I am also working with a poet in a collaboration of poetry and visual art, through the Reston Art Gallery and Studios.  Working with the Virginia Poetry Society, each artist has been paired with a poet.  I am working with Stan Galloway, a gifted poet who is an English Professor at Bridgewater College.  His poetry is full of inspiring visualizations and we are working on a collaboration about jazz music. More information to follow!  These works will be shown in several venues in January – March 2017.