Creating new work!

I have been very busy in my studio… working! I am creating a new body of work for a new Judaic series. I am having a show in January, 2014 at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center in Foster City, California (outside of San Francisco.) The show will open on January 7th, and run through March 28, 2014.

I work well under pressure. I agreed to this show before I had produced more than 2 pieces, and I need to have 24 pieces ready to ship by mid December. PRESSURE! I find that when I put myself under that kind of pressure, I am forced to work. I have finished 4 pieces; I have 2 almost finished; I have 4 more about 75% finished. I have started 4 more. I am supposed to have 24 works to show, and I will do it!

I have the Great Falls Studios Tour on October 19-20, and I’ll be showing some of my newest work then. I am also going to have a show on December 6-7 at the D’Hopkins Denniston Gallery in Erie, Pennsylvania. I have a lot of work to do! I’ll also begin posting my new work on this blog….. Stay tuned!

Here I am in my studio: