Exciting show at Great Falls Public Library!

Yesterday, I took the show down at the Goldman Gallery, in the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington. It was a great show – Many positive responses and 8 pieces sold.  I loaded up the car, and took the work directly to the Great Falls Public Library, where I hung a show in the Meeting room!  I have 30 pieces in this new exhibit, and it looks to be another great space for a solo show.  In that we are currently selling our home, I would indeed have trouble figuring out where to put all of my work, so it was a gift from above that I could move almost all of the works into another show immediately!  (We can’t have clutter in our house while it’s on the market, so I honestly don’t know where I would be able to put this much work!)

I hope that you’ll find time to come check out the show – especially if you didn’t have a chance to see the show at the Goldman Gallery at the JCC of Greater Washington.