Ronni moves to new studio…in a new house!

I have had quite a lot on my plate over the last few months!  After selling our home in Great Falls, I had to pack up my whole studio in that Great Falls home.  Quite a daunting task!  If you have ever visited Ronni’s former studio, you will know that it was a spectacularly huge space with vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, and a baby grand piano!  It was a perfect studio – complete with my paper closet where I put my hundreds of papers that I use in my work.

We moved in mid June, and I have set up a new studio in our new home in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Well, it’s not quite a new house… It was built in 1932 and it is a wonderful house in a great location!  My studio is in what was the “formal living room” space – a big room to the right as you walk in the house!  It also has a fireplace a good light, and it is right next to the music room where the baby grand piano is, as well as many of my art books. I am waiting for a carpenter to create a paper cabinet for me, so I will have a place to keep my papers!

I am still keeping my studio at Lake Anne, at the Reston Art Gallery and Studios in Reston, Virginia.  I will continue to offer classes in my art form, “Painting with paper” at that place, as well as a new early evening class to be offered at Plaza Art Supplies in Rockville, Maryland in September 2016!