The Art of Commissions

This is my first blog – I am a little nervous.   I see this blog as a way to share my artistic process  – a process that I invented using many kinds of paper.  So, for my inaugural blog, let me tell you about a big commission I just finished.

I was pleased with how it came out, and I must tell you; Commissions can be nerve-racking.  My first commission, about seven years ago, didn’t go well.  I accepted half of the payment before I began, and the rest when I was finished.   What I didn’t realize was that I lost control of the piece when I accepted payment at the beginning.  In this case, the person came over to see it when I was close to finished, and she asked that I change a few things: More sky and fewer trees, etc.  I was upset about it, and I didn’t feel good about the piece at the end.

Now, I don’t accept any payment until I’m done.  If the person doesn’t like the piece, they are under no obligation to buy it.  I have control of the work, and I make all decisions about it.

This last commission was easy in that I had a clear vision of what my client wanted.  They liked one of my pieces, “Pink Among the Trees,” but it was a vertical and they wanted a horizontal.  So I got to work on it and it went well.  They like the piece – I like the piece – and everybody’s happy.