All of Ronni’s prints are Giclee Print to avoid any loss of texture in the pieces.

giclée (zhee-clay) n. A Giclee  print is a fine art print made with a high-end inkjet printer. In the giclee printing process the artwork is captured, proofed and printed digitally. These prints are reproduced using incredibly precise printers and archival inks.

Giclee prints are quickly being recognized by the world’s leading galleries and museums as the finest reproductions available to date.

There are two basic steps in the digital printing process.

First, a digital image of an original art work is created, either by using a high-resolution digital capturing system to make a record of the original art or by scanning a photographic transparency or negative. The digital image is manipulated on a computer to achieve the desired results and proof prints are produced. The goal may be to create a very faithful reproduction of the original art or to change the appearance in a way that is chosen by the artist. Of course, the same digital imaging process can be used to reproduce an image which is created by an artist from scratch directly on a computer.

Second, is the actual printing of the image to create a print that is as close to the original work as possible.