Ronni loves to share her passion for art with those who are interested in learning, especially beginners. People who are too intimidated to take art classes because they don’t think they “have any artistic talent” or who “can’t draw a straight line” can unleash their creativity in a safe, comfortable setting, under Ronni’s watchful eye.  She teaches the many different skill sets required by her art form: not just how to “paint with paper” but also drawing, understanding value, color, composition, and layering.

Ronni is currently taking a break from teaching, but she’ll continue her classes (in the Washington DC area) in the near future.  She may be doing some workshops in the late fall/winter of 2019/2020.


Past Classes and Workshops:

Level 1 (Beginners) Workshop: “Painting with Paper” 

The Level 1 workshops are an introduction to the art form, “painting with paper.” I will be teaching you the basics of painting with paper – as we rip, cut, and crinkle hundreds of kinds of paper gathered from all over the world.  You’ll glue the papers down as you create a beautiful scene with trees.